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Why airbrush?

With high definition technology now available to the world, traditional non HD makeup will no longer hide the flaws they can with ordinary cameras.  HD foundation is formulated to work with HD cameras preventing those imperfections from showing through and making you look better than you imagined.

Importance of a trial...


A makeup trial is a very important step in deciding who to book for your beauty services. It may seem as though getting acquainted with the artist and testing their artistic ability is the only importance, however, there is a lot needed to be taken into consideration.​

​The Look:  What kind of look do you want for your day? Does your wedding follow a theme you want your hair and makeup to match with? Everyone may have their own way of describing something. For example, the smokey eye.  This is a very common request when getting makeup done. What you think is "smokey" may not be what the artist considers "smokey." Bringing photos of what you are looking for is always recommended. The artist should also be up to date with current trends.  If you ask for a look that's currently trending and your artist doesn't know what you're talking about, that's a sign that they may not be up to date with their artistry skills either.​

​Skin Type:  Expect to be asked about your skin at our makeup trial.  Some may ask if you are oily, dry, or have normal skin and stop there.  We understand that not all skin types can be generalized in three categories.  Having a detailed consultation about your skin ensures us that we will be able to apply your makeup to comply with how your skin feels now and how it will feel hours later at your reception.  Skin reactions are something to look for throughout the day of your trial.  Be sure to bring a list of any ingredients you may be allergic or react to.

​Photography:  Nothing is more frustrating when you have a beautiful makeup application but all it looks like is a white face in pictures.  That "white face" is actually avoidable and making sure the artist knows how to avoid this is something to look for in the makeup trial. Our choice of HD makeup is formulated to work with photography so you look just as good on camera as you do in person. Possibly better.​

​Lighting:  Do you have an outdoor wedding? How is the lighting at your reception venue? The lighting is going to change throughout the night.  Many brides like the natural, minimal makeup look.  When the lighting diminishes, so does your makeup.  Finding a balance to keep you looking great day and night is what we hope to achieve in the trial.  If more makeup is desired at night the artist can show you an easy do-it-yourself trick to take your look from day to night.  You can also request the artist stay with you for touch ups.  Pricing and availability will be done upon consultation.​

​Wear:  The makeup needs to last all night. Our goal is to make it last all night free of touch ups.  If you are someone who likes the lip as the main focus and wears a deeper lip color, keep in mind that this is something that will need to be reapplied throughout the day.  At the consultation, we can chose a color and have a full sized product available to take with you the day of your wedding.  Try to schedule your trial earlier in the day. This way you can have it on long enough to see what it looks like hours later and how it photographs in different lighting. 

                                                                                                                        - Ashley Colando, Founder Eyes on the Bride Chicago

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